We Love Bounce interview with DJay D

1.What and when was your first clubbing experience?

My First Clubbing experience where I decided I wanted to DJ would have been Global gathering 2005, this was at the time Lashes played the harder stuff before moving to her techy side I can remember she played a cover of Red Snapper and it was that point I thought I need to be serving up the beats to the crowd.

2. What made you decide to take up DJing?

It was kind of the next thing for me ive always loved clubbing so it seemed like the next step really. The thought of pushing myself into the scene to try and create a name about myself and share my love of music only really started July last year.

And what confirmed it for me was being one of the winners for the AWsum 3sum competition this reassured me that I was good enough to play out in clubs.

3. Which DJs were your biggest influences?

Theres a few so this may be a big answer lol

Lisa lashes was the main one before she decided to take on the techy beats, lisa pinup, and not because they are hot ok maybe a little bit but because they are just fun Dj’s that know how to work the crowd and have a wicked sense of tune selection.

Nowadays it’s the likes of the Awsum boys so Whitby, Wain Johnstone, Energy Syndicate, Discam and Klubfiller I just the love the varied sound that these guys bring.

4. You play a mixture of hard dance and bounce but what makes you stand out from the crowd?

I Like to think its my imagination in the way that I edit tracks and take on different mixing styles i.e. not just mixing beat on beat off, not that there is anything wrong with that. But to stand out I believe you need to keep things varied and interesting.

Im currently trying to incorporate my iphone into my sets if I get it down enough your sure to see me use in future sets.

5. What does it mean to you to be playing at the next We Love Bounce alongside Lisa Pin-up?

It’s a school boy dream coming true, if you were to read my facebook bio I mention on there how I used to rock to her “hard house nation” CD’s back when I was at school thinking how amazing it would be to play with her ;-P

So yeah it’s a big deal for me im very privileged to have this opportunity.

6. It's your final ever set and you want to go out with a bang... what are the final 3 tracks you would drop to impress?

Wow this aint a hard question lol, (About 10 minutes have passed now)

Um, I think it would have to be and this is by no way of means to promote my track

Technikal – Djay D – Nothing we cant do, I would choose this as it’s my 1st ever production so it would be a fitting tune to use.

Matt Lee – Over 4 me I would use this as it says it all really.

And because I can’t think of just 1 track I would get mash up track made that said my fair wells for me.

7. What would be the venue for your ultimate gig?

Ah man another tough question; I think dance valley would be the top 1 I think. Just you and a sea of people going crazy for the sounds you play I cannot think of anything that would top that.

8. Why should people go out of their way to see you play on May 14th at We Love Bounce?

Because ill hunt them down with a rusty spoon if they don’t ha ha, no on a serious note I think if people want to see and hear something different they should defiantly come and see me play.

I like to think ill be bringing something fresh, original and most of all some fun to my set so if this tickles your pickle you should defiantly be there. Oh and ill have some free CD’s to give out :-)

9. Which dj's would you love to play B2B with?

There’s so many id love to play B2B with but I think the top 1 would be Andy Whitby his craziness behind the decks is just so cool.

10. Out of the tracks you have made which one will you be dropping at We Love Bounce thats guaranteed to take the roof off?

Another tough question I don’t want to blow smoke out my ass but im working on a track with Energy Syndicate and im 99.9% sure this will do the damage its got lots of swearing and crazy boingy (if that’s a word) Riff and more donks then you can shake you glow sticks at. (ha ha what a cheesy line to use but it had to be done)

Its not been named yet but im sure this will make the roof blast off!!



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